Use of Eclipse for Configurators?

From: Mike Yukish <>
Date: Wed 03 Oct 2001 07:22:04 PM GMT
Message-id: <>

I am interested in building configurators using the constraint logic 
programming paradigm. I've been experimenting with Eclipse, and I am 
starting to gain a (very weak) handle on its capabilities. I have a 
question about working with a finite, countable set of numbers, but the 
numbers are Real, not Integer.

For example, I  could have three parts in a library, with lengths [1.2, 
3.5, 6.7]. I would like to be able to do all of the things that the lib(fd) 
lets me do with collections of integers. I do not want to represent the 
domain as an interval.

Any basic directions I should look towards? Anyone used Eclipse for 
creating a configurator? I'd hate to be reinventing the wheel.


Mike Yukish
Head, Manufacturing Product & Process Design Department
Applied Research Lab/Penn State University
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