RE: Cycle Constraint

From: Andrzej Lewandowski <>
Date: Wed 03 Oct 2001 02:10:17 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
I?m making some experiences with different combinatorial search problems,
the TSP. Currentely I?ve some
problems with the implementation of the cycle constraint. This means a
constraint that prevents sub-tour elimination.
In this way I want to ask if anyone as already implemented this constraint
Eclipse, and in affirmative case if it can
send me the code.

There's a simple implementation of a circuit and no_subtours constraints in
Eclipse with CHR, you can get the code from CHR Online at

by clicking at the link "Finite domains over arbitrary ground terms...".

I have asked the same question long ago. Unfortunately, the mentioned
above circuit constraint works only within the CHR environment.

Circuit constraint is implemenetd within SICStus Prolog. I don't know about
such constraint for Eclipse fd library.

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