efficient CP-based shortest path algorithm in Eclipse?

From: <hector_at_tango.ldc.usb.ve>
Date: Thu 04 Jan 2001 11:14:49 PM GMT
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I'm looking for an efficient implementation of a
CP-based shortest-path shortest path algorithm 
in Eclipse. Does anyone have something like that?

I'm writing an AI planner in Eclipse that performs
a search in the space of `partial plans', computing
a heuristic value at every node in a way that's
similar to a Bellman-Ford shortest path algorithm.
The code does not run very fast and most of the 
time seems to be taken by  this (repeated) computation. 
Yet I  don't see how to use the information provided 
by the profiler to make this key routine much faster, 
and wanted to take a look at a good implemented 
version of a CP version of Bellman-Ford to see if I'm missing something.

I remember having read a paper by Claude Le Pape and 
others  about a CP-based  shortest-path algorithm
approaching the performance of Bellman-Ford by 
scheduling the constraints in a suitable way.

Any pointer or relevant code would be highly appreciated.
Also if there is a serious Eclipse programmer out there 
who is interested in what's now called heuristic search planning in AI
and is willing to help, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.

- Hector Geffner
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