XPRESS-MP R12 Interface and Student Version

From: Joachim Schimpf <j.schimpf_at_icparc.ic.ac.uk>
Date: Mon 23 Oct 2000 01:12:57 PM GMT
Message-ID: <39F43959.8886F2C0@icparc.ic.ac.uk>
Dear ECLiPSe Users,

we have updated ECLiPSe's library(eplex) (see Library Manual)
to work with XPRESS-MP R12, a new release of the industrial
LP/MIP/QP solver from Dash Associates (http://www.dash.co.uk).

You can simply download if_xpress12.tgz from our web site
(you will need your ECLiPSe download password)
and add it to your existing ECLiPSe 5.0 installation.

The package is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris
and contains the ECLiPSe interface together with the
Student Version of XPRESS-MP, which allows you to solve
small problems without obtaining another licence.
For larger problems you will still have to obtain a
licence from Dash for XPRESS-MP (or from Ilog for CPLEX).

Best regards,
 Joachim Schimpf              /             phone: +44 20 7594 8187
 IC-Parc, Imperial College   /            mailto:J.Schimpf@ic.ac.uk
 London SW7 2AZ, UK         /    http://www.icparc.ic.ac.uk/eclipse
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