Avoiding "More"

From: Edmunds family <edmunds_at_pacifier.com>
Date: Tue 14 Mar 2000 04:08:07 AM GMT
Message-ID: <001801bf8d6b$701e1520$1be591c6@edmunds>
I have worked some logic problems which will immediately produce "Yes"
but many of them have 'More' are like this:

?- solve(U).
U = [u(25, florida, {ann, ray, wayne}), u(27, maine, {doris, lois, perry}),
.... etc.
More (51.30s cpu)
No (313.52s cpu)

That's a long wait (over 5 minutes) to find out that there are no more
What triggers a 'More' message instead of a 'Yes' message?  Are there
any guidelines on structuring the problem to avoid getting the "More"

Doug Edmunds
13 Mar 2000
Received on Tue Mar 14 10:32:35 2000

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