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From: pramodb <>
Date: Thu 06 Jan 2000 10:28:36 AM GMT
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I have one doubt related to List.
We can access the entire List using "fromeach". But, how to access only
few members of the list?
Is there any index value related with the list-members as we generally
have with the array-elements? (so as to get a combination of some of the
Does eclipse have the concept of header and footer of the list?
When to use "fromto"?

Wish you all a very happy new year!!
thanks and regards,

[ Moderator's note:

If you want to access only selected elements, then don't use a list,
use an array and indices, like in most other programming languages.
You can convert between lists and arrays(=structures in Eclipse) using
the =.. builtin, e.g.

[eclipse 3]: List=[A,B,C,D], Arr =.. [array|List].
Arr = array(A, B, C, D)
List = [A, B, C, D]

And, nobody stops you from keeping both data structures around and
using the one that is most convenient for the operation you want to do!

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