From: pramodb <>
Date: Fri 22 Oct 1999 11:48:24 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>

    I am using ECLiPSe and C++ interface, where I am getting following
error. I'll be obliged if you guide me or provide me some information
about its possible cause and solution.

The error states:  VirtualAlloc failed in alloc_stack_pairs()

Thanks and regards,

[ Moderator's note:
You probably don't have enough virtual memory on you machine,
and your C++ program might already be using a lot of memory.
Eclipse on initialisation tries to reserve 2*128MB for its
stacks. You can change these numbers by calling
ec_set_option_int(EC_OPTION_GLOBALSIZE, num_bytes);
ec_set_option_int(EC_OPTION_LOCALSIZE, num_bytes);
before calling ec_init().
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