Magnitude of Integers

From: Tallys Hoover Yunes <>
Date: Wed 28 Jul 1999 05:54:41 PM GMT
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       I'm running ECLiPSe 4.0.7 under Linux 2.0
     on a Pentium II 350 MHz with 320 MB of RAM.

       In the ECLiPSe User Manual it is written:

    "The magnitude of integers is only limited by
     your available memory..."

       What do I have to do in order to be able to
     deal with very big numbers ( ~ 10^10 )?
       I have tried the -g flag but it didn't work.

       Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

[ Moderator's note:

You should have no problems using big integers in normal arithmetic,

[eclipse 1]: X is 10^100.

X =
[eclipse 2]: X is 32423648913914417*1438460670123471041.

X = 46640143744557486284898922451898097

Maybe you are referring to finite domain constraints. They are
indeed implemented using only 32-bit arithmetic for efficiency
reasons, so you can't use big integers there.

The good news is that we plan to reengineer the finite domain
implementation in the near future and to use doubles to
represent the bounds. 

-- Joachim
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