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From: Neng-Fa Zhou <>
Date: Thu 29 Oct 1998 01:12:53 AM GMT
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Have you ever heard of JIPL(Java interface for Prolog) developed by Nobukuni Kino? I ported it to B-Prolog (Version 3.1):

It works very well. I think it would also be easy to port JIPL to Eclipse.
Neng-Fa Zhou

>Is it possible to invoke eclipse from JAVA without the need to
>go via C? If it is, can someone point me in the right
Yes it is, and I think you have much to gain by linking directly from Java. If you (or anyone in this list) is willing to spend half a day with some Java and Prolog programming, I'll be willing to assist you to port our freely available Java/XSB Prolog interface, called "InterProlog". Check the article and info at
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