finding files in NT version

From: Jim Hearne <>
Date: Sat 12 Sep 1998 07:30:17 PM GMT
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Helpful Eclipse Community:

I have just intalled eclipse on Windos NT.  I am having trouble reading
files (1) both interactively (with [user]---I can't seem to turn off the
input from the keyboard as one easily does in UNIX implementations) and
(2) through named file: it can find any named files.  I have tried
creative naming conventions, including the system independant one.  I
cannot tell if the installation is faulty or my understaniding of
Does any of this ring a bell? 

                                Jim Hearne
                                Computer Science Department
                                Western Washington University
                                Bellingham WA 98226

[ Moderator's note: The windows version has a few teething problems
  left - we'll sort these out...

  Regarding (1), it is currently best to terminate [user] with a line:
  It should also be possible to use ^Z<return>, but in the current
  version that seems to confuse the lexer, we'll fix that.

  As for compiling named files, I don't know what your problem is.
  The following forms should all work:
  You can use getcwd(Dir) to find out where you are.
  -- Joachim
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