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11.2  Using the SQL database interface

The SQL database interface is contained in the dbi library.

[eclipse 1]: lib(dbi). 

Your environment must be set up so that you can connect to a database supported by lib(dbi). Normally a database administrator will have written a script to do this automatically.

MySQL specific note: on some platforms, the MySQL client library is provided as a dynamic load library ( in most Unix systems, libmysql.dll in Windows systems). This file is not provided with ECLiPSe distribution as it is part of the MySQL system, and is covered by its own license. MySQL can be downloaded from To successfully load the dbi library in such cases, you must have a version of this library file that match the one that your copy of ECLiPSe was compiled with, and in addition, ECLiPSe must be able to find this library file when the dbi library is loaded. Normally, the person who installed your ECLiPSe system should also make sure that ECLiPSe can find this client library file using the normal way that the operating system can find dynamic load libraries, e.g. by putting the file in a standard system library location, or in the ECLiPSe dynamic library directory for the platform in your ECLiPSe directory. On Unix systems, it is also possible for the user to set an environment variable (usually LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to point to where the dynamic library is.

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