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Library of global constraints which achieve generalized arc consistency   [more]


GAC version of alldifferent
Constrain the rows and columns of Matrix to be different values
gcc(++Bounds, +Vars)
Constrain the cardinality of each Value specified in Bound's gcc(Low,High,Value) to be between Low and High in Vars
gcc_matrix(++RowBounds, ++ColBounds, +Matrix)
Constrain the cardinality of values taken in the rows and columns of Matrix as specified by RowBounds and ColBounds, respectively
inverse(+Succ, +Pred)
Constrains elements of Succ to be the successors and Pred to be the predecessors of nodes in a digraph
lex_le(+List1, +List2)
List1 is lexicographically less or equal to List2
lex_lt(+List1, +List2)
List1 is lexicographically less than List2
matching(+L, -K)
Get a matching between a list of domain variables and their possible values
same(+Vars1, +Vars2)
Vars1 and Vars2 are constrained to be a permutation of each other in the values taken by the variables.
sequence(+Low, +High, +K, +ZeroOnes)
The number of occurrences of the value 1 is between Low and High for all sequences of K variables in ZeroOnes
sequence(+Low, +High, +K, +Vars, ++Values)
The number of values taken from Values is between Low and High for all sequences of K variables in Vars.


Other Exports

export portray(update_alldifferent / 4, tr_global_gac_out / 2, [goal])


This library is intended for global constraints for which GAC (generalized arc consistency, also called hyper arc consistency, or domain consistency) is maintained. The first example is a version of the alldifferent constraint which performs more pruning than the bound consistent version in the ic_global library.


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