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Finite Graphs Constraints Library


Ensures Graph is asymmetric
complementary_graph(+Graph, ?ComplementaryGraph)
Obtains the complementary graph of a given graph.
Guarantees that an undirected graph Graph is connected.
dirgraph(-Graph, +VertexSet, +EdgeSet)
Directed graph constructor.
export_graph(+Graph, ++File)
Exports Graph to Filename in a .dot format which can then be loaded by GraphViz.
getEdgeSet(+Graph, ?EdgeSet)
Obtains a graph's edge-set.
getVertexSet(+Graph, ?VertexSet)
Obtains a graph's vertex-set.
Labels a graph variable.
graph_labeling(+Graph, ++VertexHeuristic, ++EdgeHeuristic)
Labels a graph variable using VertexHeuristic and EdgeHeuristic.
order(+Graph, ?Order)
Obtains a graph's order.
oriented_graph(+UndirectedGraph, ?DirectedGraph)
Obtains an oriented graph of a given undirected graph.
path(+Graph, +OriginVertex, +TerminusVertex)
Ensures Graph represents a path between OriginVertex and TerminusVertex in Graph.
predecessors(+Graph, +Vertex, ?PredSet)
Determines the predecessor-set of a vertex in a graph.
reachables(+Graph, +SourceVertex, ?ReachSet)
Determines the reachables-set of a vertex in a graph.
reverse_graph(+Graph, ?ReverseGraph)
Obtains the reverse graph of a given graph.
size(+Graph, ?Size)
Obtains a graph's size.
Guarantees that a directed graph Graph is strongly connected.
subgraph(?SubGraph, +Graph)
Constraints SubGraph to be a subgraph of Graph.
successors(+Graph, +Vertex, ?SuccSet)
Determines the successor-set of a vertex in a graph.
Ensures Graph is symmetric
underlying_graph(+DirectedGraph, ?UndirectedGraph)
Obtains an underlying graph of a given directed graph.
undirgraph(-Graph, +VertexSet, +EdgeSet)
Unirected graph constructor.
Guarantees that a directed graph Graph is weakly connected.
weight(+Graph, +WeightHash, ?Weight)
Calculates the Weight of Graph given a WeightHash.


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