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Mapping from FlatZinc to lib(fd) and lib(fd_sets)


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minimize(?, ?, ?)
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sort(?, ?)
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reexport cumulative / 4 from edge_finder
reexport disjoint / 2 from fd_sets


This module defines a mapping from FlatZinc operations to lib(fd), lib(fd_sets) and lib(fd_global), and is intended to be used in conjunction with lib(flatzinc). It uses lib(propia) to implement variants of the element constraint that are not supported by lib(fd). Moreover, lib(branch_and_bound) is used to provide optimization.

This mapping supports bool, integer and set variables. It does currently not support all constraints in reified form, in particular set constraints, according to the limitations of the underlying solvers.


See Also

library(flatzinc), library(fd), library(fd_sets), library(fd_global), library(propia), library(branch_and_bound)
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