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string_list(?String, ?List)

Succeeds if List is a list whose elements are the ascii codes of the characters of String.
String or variable.
List of integers (in the range 0 to 255) and/or variables, or else a variable.


This predicate performs conversion between a string and a list of the ASCII codes of the characters of the string.

If String is instantiated, unifies List with the list whose elements are the ASCII codes for the elements of the string.

If List is instantiated, unifies String with the string corresponding to this list of ASCII codes.

Modes and Determinism


(5) type error
String is neither a string nor a variable.
(5) type error
List is neither a list nor a variable.
(6) out of range
One (or more) elements of List are not integers in the range 0 to 255.
(4) instantiation fault
Neither String or List are ground (non-coroutine mode only).


   string_list(S,[65,98,99]).          (gives S="Abc").
   string_list("abc",L).               (gives L=[97,98,99]).
   string_list("abc",[97,A,99]).       (gives A=98).
   string_list(S,[127]).               (gives S="").
   string_list("abc",[97|A]).          (gives A=[98,99]).
   string_list(S,[A|[128]]).           (Error 4).
   string_list(S,[1|A]).               (Error 4).
   string_list('string',L).            (Error 5).
   string_list(S,"list").              (Error 5).
   string_list('string',[128]).        (Error 5).
   string_list(S,["B"]).               (Error 5).
   string_list(S,[256]).               (Error 6).

See Also

string_code / 3, string_list / 3, atom_string / 2, char_code / 2, term_string / 2, split_string / 4