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Prints information about the current ECLiPSe environment on the current output.


Prints a list of the current global flag values on the toplevel output stream. These are the same values that get_flag/2 provides.

Modes and Determinism


This predicate is sensitive to its module context (tool predicate, see @/2).


[eclipse]: env.

after_event_timer:      real            macro_expansion:        on             
break_level:            0               max_global_trail:       134217728      
breal_exceptions:       off             max_local_control:      134217728      
coroutine:              off             max_predicate_arity:    255            
debug_compile:          on              object_suffix:          "so"           
debugging:              nodebug         occur_check:            off            
dfid_compile:           off             output_mode:            "QPm"          
eclipse_info_suffix:    ".eci"          pid:                    10034          
eclipse_object_suffix:  ".eco"          ppid:                   22097          
enable_interrupts:      on              prefer_rationals:       off            
float_precision:        double          print_depth:            20             
gc:                     on              remote_protocol_version:1              
gc_interval:            4194304         toplevel_module:        eclipse        
gc_interval_dict:       960             unix_time:              1194458701     
gc_policy:              adaptive        version:                '5.11'         
goal_expansion:         on              version_as_list:        [5, 11, 29]    
hostarch:               "sparc_sunos5"  wm_window:              off            
ignore_eof:             off             worker:                 0              
last_errno:             0               

cwd:                    "/homes/john/" 
default_language:       eclipse_language 
extension:              development occur_check dfid 
hostname:               "tempest.icparc.ic.ac.uk" 
installation_directory: "/usr/local/eclipse" 
library_path:           ["/usr/local/eclipse/lib",
loaded_library:         tracer_tty development_support toplevel ...
output_options:         [depth(20), attributes(pretty), quoted(true), ...]
prolog_suffix:          ["", ".ecl", ".pl"] 
syntax_option:          nl_in_quotes no_blanks
variable_names:         check_singletons 
workerids:              "tempest.icparc.ic.ac.uk" : [0] + [] 
workers:                "tempest.icparc.ic.ac.uk" : 1 

See Also

get_flag / 2, set_flag / 2