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Hash table library


hash_add(+Table, ++Key, +Value)
A synonym for hash_set/3
hash_clone(?, ?)
No description available
hash_contains(+Table, ++Key)
Succeeds if there is an entry stored under key Key
hash_count(+Table, -Count)
Returns the number of entries in the table
Creates a new hash table
hash_delete(+Table, ++Key)
Remove the entry with key Key (if any)
hash_display(?, ?)
No description available
hash_entry(+Table, ?Key, -Value)
Succeeds if Key and Value are an entry in table
Remove all entries in the hash table
hash_find(+Table, ++Key, -Value)
A synonym for hash_get/3
hash_get(+Table, ++Key, -Value)
Find the entry stored under key Key and return its value
hash_insert_suspension(+Table, +Susp, -Notifications)
Attach a suspension to be woken on hash table modifications
hash_iter(+Table, -Iter)
Create an iterator to traverse the hash table
Succeeds if the iterator has reached the end of the table
hash_list(+Table, -Keys, -Values)
Retrieve the hash table contents
hash_next(+Iter, -Key, -Value, -Iter)
Get the next Key - Value pair according to the iterator
hash_remove(+Table, ++Key, -Value)
Remove the entry with key Key and retrieve its value Value
hash_set(+Table, ++Key, +Value)
Add an (or modify the existing) entry with key Key and value Value to the hash table
Prints statistics about the hash table
Wake and terminate all suspensions attached to the hash table

Other Exports

export portray(hash_table / 7, hash : hash_display / 2, [])


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