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pasm(+WAMCode, ?Size, ?Object)

Partially assemble WAMCode into an object format.
A list of WAM instructions in the right format.
Variable or integer
A list of object words in the right format.


Partially assemble the WAM instructions given WAMCode without loading it into the current session. Instead, an object format is generated. This object format can be loaded into an ECLiPSe session using the low level built-in store_pred/5. fcompile/1,2 uses this predicate to generate the object code for predicates.

The partially assembled code consists of Object, which is a typed representation of the words that need to be stored into memory; and Size, the size in words that this object code will occupy in memory.

Fail Conditions

If WAMCode is not in correct format.



See Also

asm / 2, asm / 3, disasm / 2, disasm / 3, sicstus : fcompile / 1, fcompile : fcompile / 1, fcompile : fcompile / 2