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Obsolete built-ins which should not be used in new code


abolish_op(+Name, +Associativity)
Remove the declaration of the visible operator +Name of associativity Associativity.
Remove the local record Key and all its recorded values.
autoload(+Library, ++ListOfPredSpecList)
Declares the predicates in ListOfPredSpec to be autoloading from the module Library, which is in the file Library.pl in one of the library directories.
autoload_tool(+Library, ++ListOfPredSpecList)
Declares the predicates in ListOfPredSpec to be autoloading tools from the module (file) Library.pl.
Declares PredSpec to be a non-deterministic external predicate.
b_external(++PredSpec, +CName)
Defines PredSpec to be a nondeterministic external predicate linked to the C function whose system name is CName.
Start the definition of the body of the Module.
call(+Goal, +Module)
Succeeds if Goal (which is visible in module Module) succeeds.
call_explicit(+Goal, +Module)
Succeeds if Goal which is defined in module Module succeeds.
Cancel all pending instances of after event Event.
char_int(?Char, ?Integer)
Succeeds if Integer is the ASCII code of the one-character string Char.
Switches on the coroutine flag, equivalent to set_flag(coroutine, on).
Check or find currently pending after events (inside handler).
current_stream(-Name, -Mode, ?Stream)
Succeeds if there is currently an open stream Stream open to the file Name in the mode Mode. This predicate is obsolete, use current_stream/1 and get_stream_info/3 instead.
Succeeds if Struct is a currently visible structure specification.
Tells the compiler to generate code with debug instructions. Equivalent to the call to set_flag(debug_compile, on).
define_error(+Message, -N)
Error number N is newly defined to give the message Message.
define_macro(++TermClass, ++TransPred, ++Options)
Defines a macro transformation for the functor or type specified by TermClass. The transformation predicate is TransPred and Options is a list of options.
delay(?Variables, +Goal)
Delay the Goal on all variables in the term Variables.
Erases the macro definition for TransTerm done in the current module
errno_id(+N, -Message)
Message is bound to the message string that corresponds to the UNIX message for a system call error when the UNIX errno has the value N.
event_create(+Goal, -EventHandle)
Create an ECLiPSe event from an arbitrary goal.
event_retrieve(+EventHandle, -Goal)
Given the handle with which an event is associated, retrieve the event goal.
Succeeds if Goal cannot be satisfied. Uses negation as failure (synonym of not/1 and \+/1).
get_error_handler(+Number, -PredSpec, -Module)
Returns the error_handler for error number Number and its home module Module.
get_prompt(+InStream, -Prompt, -OutStream)
Succeeds if the prompt for the stream InStream is Prompt and is written to the stream OutStream.
get_timer(+Timer, -Interval)
Succeed if the specified Timer is running and sends signals in intervals of Interval seconds.
global ++SpecList
Declares the procedure(s) and other modular items specified by SpecList to be global.
global_op(+Precedence, +Associativity, ++Name)
Defines the global operator(s) in Name to have precedence Precedence and associativity Associativity. If Precedence is 0 then the operator definition is removed.
Succeeds if PredSpec is a system built-in predicate.
Succeeds if the module Module is locked.
lib(++LibraryName, +ModuleName)
The library LibraryName is loaded into the module ModuleName if not loaded already.
Declare the record with key Key to be local to the caller module
Creates the untyped array or global variable Array.
make_array(++Array, +Type)
Creates the global array or global variable Array of type Type.
Creates an array or global variable Array visible only in the caller module.
make_local_array(++Array, +Type)
Creates an array or global variable Array of type Type visible only in the caller module.
Create the module Module and start defining its interface.
name(?Atomnumber, ?List)
Succeeds if List is the corresponding list of ASCII codes for the atom or number Atomnumber.
Tells the compiler to generate code without debug instructions and not to retain the source variable names.
pathname(+FilePath, -Path)
Succeeds if the pathname FilePath, if stripped of its file name, gives Path, the path up to the parent directory of the file.
portray_goal(+Term, -TransTerm)
Apply the goal portray (write macro) transformation to Term
Resets the handler for error number Number to its default value.
Pass the suspension list SuspList to the waking scheduler.
set_error_handler(+Number, ++PredSpec)
Set an error handler PredSpec for the error with number Number.
set_prompt(+InStream, +Prompt, +OutStream)
The prompt Prompt is output on the stream OutStream for input to the input stream InStream.
set_suspension_priority(+Susp, +Priority)
Change the priority of the suspended goal Susp to Priority.
set_timer(+Timer, +Interval)
Start (or stop) the specified Timer to send signals in intervals of Interval seconds.
suffix(+FileName, -Suffix)
Succeeds if the string Suffix is the extension part of the input string FileName.
suspension_to_goal(+Susp, -Goal, -Module)
Succeeds for an unwoken suspension and returns the corresponding Goal structure and caller module.

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