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A newline is printed on the output stream Stream.
Integer (stream number) or Atom (reserved or user-defined symbolic stream name).


Used to print a newline sequence on the output stream Stream. The exact character sequence emitted depends on the setting of the stream's end_of_line flag (lf or crlf). In addition, if the stream's flush flag is set to end_of_line, the stream is also flushed.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
Stream is not instantiated.
(5) type error
Stream is neither an atom nor a number.
(192) illegal stream mode
Stream is not an output stream.
(193) illegal stream specification
Stream is an illegal stream specification.


      open(file1,update,s), nl(s), close(s).
      nl(Stream).               (Error 4).
      nl(7.0).                  (Error 5).
      open(file1,read,s),nl(s). (Error 192). % read mode
      nl(29).                   (Error 192). % stream not open
      nl(-1).                   (Error 193). % out of range
      nl(30).                   (Error 193). % out of range
      nl(atom).                 (Error 193). % no such stream

See Also

nl / 0, writeln / 2, flush / 1, open / 4, set_stream_property / 3, get_stream_info / 3