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xget(+Handle, +Index, -Value)

Get the Index-th field of an external data structure (referenced by Handle).
An external data handle.
An integer.
A variable.


ECLiPSe can manipulate external data structures via handles. An external data handle can only be created by external code. It consists of a pointer to the external data and a descriptor for this data (a method table). ECLiPSe can then perform certain operations on the data using this method table.

The xget/3 predicate invokes one of the methods, the get-method. The intended meaning is that it gets a field of the external data structure (indicated by Index) and unifies it with Value. The details of how the index is interpreted and how the field's value is converted to an ECLiPSe term is dependent on the get-method supplied by external code.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
Handle or Index is uninstantiated.
(5) type error
Handle is not a handle, or Index is not an integer.
(6) out of range
Index is out of range (if check implemented by method).
(141) unimplemented functionality
The get-method is not implemented for this handle.


    /* C code with embedded ECLiPSe call, passing data via C ararys */
    #include "eclipse.h"

    #define N 5
    double data_in[N] = {1.1,2.2,3.3,4.4,5.5};
    double data_out[N];

        pword   call;
        int     i;
            ec_term(ec_did("process", 3),
                ec_handle(&ec_xt_double_arr, (t_ext_ptr) data_in),
                ec_handle(&ec_xt_double_arr, (t_ext_ptr) data_out)
        if (ec_resume() == PSUCCEED)
            for (i=0; i<N; i++)
                printf("%f,", data_out[i]);

    /* ECLiPSe code in file my_code.pl */

    process(0, _, _) :- !.
    process(N, In, Out) :-
        N1 is N-1,
        xget(In, N1, X),
        Y is sqrt(X),
        xset(Out, N1, Y),
        process(N1, In, Out).

    /* Sample run */

    % main

See Also

xset / 3, setarg / 3