User Manual

Release 5.9

Abderrahamane Aggoun (ECRC)
David Chan (ECRC)
Pierre Dufresne (ECRC)
Eamon Falvey (ICL-ITC)
Hugh Grant (ICL-ITC)
Warwick Harvey (IC-Parc and CrossCore)
Alexander Herold (ECRC)
Geoffrey Macartney (ECRC)
Micha Meier (ECRC)
David Miller (ICL-ITC)
Shyam Mudambi (ECRC)
Stefano Novello (ECRC and IC-Parc)
Bruno Perez (ECRC)
Emmanuel van Rossum (ECRC)
Joachim Schimpf (ECRC, IC-Parc and CrossCore)
Kish Shen (IC-Parc and CrossCore)
Periklis Andreas Tsahageas (ECRC)
Dominique Henry de Villeneuve (ECRC)


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Quintus and Quintus Prolog are trademarks of Quintus Computer Systems, Incorporated.

VAX is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation

SUN-3 and SUN-4 are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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International Computers Limited and Imperial College London 1996-2000

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.