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Various global constraints over lists of IC variables


All members of Vars are different
alldifferent(+Vars, ++Capacity)
Vars contains at most Capacity elements of each value
atmost(+N, ?Vars, +V)
At most N elements of Vars have the value V.
element(?Index, ++List, ?Value)
Value is the Index'th element of the integer list List.
lexico_le(+List1, +List2)
List1 is lexicographically less or equal to List2
maxlist(+List, ?Max)
Max is the maximum of the values in List
minlist(+List, ?Min)
Min is the minimum of the values in List
occurrences(++Value, +Vars, ?N)
The value Value occurs in Vars N times
ordered(++Relation, +List)
Constrains List to be ordered according to Relation
ordered_sum(+List, ?Sum)
The list elements are ordered and their sum is Sum
sorted(?List, ?Sorted)
Sorted is a sorted permutation of List
sorted(?List, ?Sorted, ?Positions)
Sorted is a sorted permutation (described by Positions) of List
No description available
sumlist(+List, ?Sum)
The sum of the list elements is Sum
tr_global_out(?, ?)
No description available


Other Exports

export portray(atmost1 / 3, ic_global : tr_global_out / 2, [goal])


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