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Activates the standard debugger and shows constraint handling.


In order to use the standard debugger, the debug_compile must have been on (default) during compilation (chr to pl) and loading of the produced ECLiPSe code. The query chr_trace. activates the standard debugger showing more information about the handling of constraints. In the standard debugger, user-defined constraints are treated as predicates and the information about application of constraint handling rules is displayed without stopping. The additional information displayed is:

* add: A new constraint is added to the constraint store.

* already_in: A constraint to be added was already present.

The ports related to application of rules are:

* try_rule: A rule is tried.

* delay_rule: The last tried rule cannot fire because the guard did not succeed.

* fire_rule: The last tried rule fires.

The ports related to labeling are: * try_label: A label_with declaration is checked.

* delay_label: The last label_with declaration delays because the guard did not succeed.

* fire_label: The last tried label_with declaration succeeds, so the clauses of the associated constraint will be used for built-in labeling.

When displayed, each constraint is labeled with a unique integer identifier. Each rule is labeled with its name as given in the chr source using the @ operator. If a rule does not have a name, it is displayed together with a unique integer identifier.

Fail Conditions





[eclipse]: chr_trace.
Debugger switched on - creep mode
[eclipse]: notrace.     % trace only constraints
Debugger switched off
[eclipse]: minimum(X,Y,Z), maximum(X,Y,Z).
% trace edited to show only firing rules

ADD (1) minimum(X, Y, Z)
TRY (1) minimum(_g218, _g220, _g222) with propagation
RULE 'propagation' FIRED

 ADD (2) leq(_g665, _g601)

 ADD (3) leq(_g665, Var)

ADD (4) maximum(_g601, Var, _g665)
TRY (4) maximum(_g601, Var, _g665) with propagation
RULE 'propagation' FIRED

 ADD (5) leq(_g601, _g665)
 TRY (5) leq(_g601, _g665) (2) leq(_g665, _g601) with antisymmetry
 RULE 'antisymmetry' FIRED

TRY (4) maximum(_g601, Var, _g601) with max_eq
RULE 'max_eq' FIRED

 ADD (6) leq(Var, _g601)
 TRY (3) leq(_g601, Var) (6) leq(Var, _g601) with antisymmetry
 RULE 'antisymmetry' FIRED

TRY (1) minimum(_g601, _g601, _g601) with min_eq
RULE 'min_eq' FIRED

 ADD (7) leq(_g601, _g601)
 TRY (7) leq(_g601, _g601) with reflexivity
 RULE 'reflexivity' FIRED

X = Y = Z = _g558

See Also

chr_opium / 0, chr_notrace / 0