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BfsInstance:solver_setup(+OptSense, +Solver)

Setup a bfs solver tree for bfs instance BfsInstance.
Optimisation direction: min or max
Node relaxation solver


Setup a new solver tree for the bfs instance BfsInstance. The tree will be associated with BfsInstance; BfsInstance must not already have a solver tree associated with it. Once the solver tree is setup, it can be optimised via solve/1.

This is a simplified version of solver_setup/3, it is equivalent to calling solver_setup/3 with the following default options:

       solver_setup(OptSense, Solver, [])

See Also

integers / 1, bfs_branch / 1, node_info / 5, solver_setup / 3, solve / 1, get / 2, var_get / 3, statistics / 0