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External Interface

Built-ins to access functions and data from foreign languages


call_c(+Function, ?Code)
Invoke the C function Function and unify its return code with Code.
Declares PredSpec to be a deterministic external predicate.
external(++PredSpec, +CName)
Defines PredSpec to be a deterministic external predicate linked to the C function whose system name is CName.
The object code or loadable library File is loaded into the running system.
Checks or enumerates peer names
Deregisters and removes the peer Peer from peer multitasking.
Perform a multitasking phase.
peer_get_property(+Peer, ?Property, -Value)
Returns the properties of the peer Peer.
Confirm a peer multitasking phase.
Terminate a peer multitasking phase.
Closes the peer queue Queue from ECLiPSe side.
peer_queue_create(+Queue, +Peer, +QueueType, +Direction, +Event)
Create a new peer queue Queue for Peer from ECLiPSe side.
peer_queue_get_property(+Queue, ?Property, -Value)
Get or enumerate properties of a peer queue Queue.
peer_register_multitask(+Peer, -MsgQ)
Registers the peer Peer for peer multitasking.
remote_connect(?Address, ?Peer, ?InitGoal)
Initiate a remote interface connection
remote_connect_accept(+Peer, +Socket, +TimeOut, ?InitGoal, +PassTerm, -InitRes)
Second half of initiating a remote interface connection.
remote_connect_setup(?Address, ?Peer, -Socket)
First half of initiating a remote interface connection.
Disconnect the remote peer Peer
Explicitly yield to the remote peer Peer
xget(+Handle, +Index, -Value)
Get the Index-th field of an external data structure (referenced by Handle).
xset(+Handle, +Index, +Value)
Set the Index-th field of an external data structure (referenced by Handle) to Value.
yield(+ToC, -FromC)
Yield control to the C/C++ main program that has invoked ECLiPSe. The arguments are used for passing data in and out.


For more information, see the Embedding and Interfacing Manual
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