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6.1  What tools are available?

ECLiPSe provides a number of different tools to help the programmer understand their how their program behaves at runtime.

Provides a low level view of program activity.
See chapter 5 and the Debugging section in the user manual for a comprehensive look at debugging ECLiPSe programs
Samples the running program at regular intervals to give a statistical summary of where the execution time is spent.
Port Profiler
Collects statistics about program execution in terms of the box model of execution. See library(port_profiler) or use the Port Profile option from the tkeclipse Run menu.
Records the number of times various parts of the program are executed.
Visualisation framework
See the Visualisation Tools Manual for more information

Available Program Analysis tools

This section focuses on two complementary tools

  1. The profiler
  2. The coverage library

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