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C.10  Miscellaneous

These two functions provide an alternative method for posting goals and retrieving results. They are intended for applications with a simple structure that require only infrequent call-return style control transfers and little information passing between ECLiPSe and C. It is less powerful and less efficient that the primitives described above.

int ec_exec_string(char*,ec_ref Vars)

let ECLiPSe execute a goal given in a string ECLiPSe syntax. Return value is PSUCCEED or PFAIL, depending on the result of the execution. If successful, Vars holds a list mapping the variables names within the string to their values after execution.
int ec_var_lookup(ec_ref Vars,char*,pword* pw)

Lookup the value of the variable with the given name. Vars is a list as returned by ec_exec_string().

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