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B.5  Operations on ECLiPSe Data

Interfaces to some basic operations on ECLiPSe Data.

int compare(const EC_word& pw1, const EC_word& pw2)

Similar to the compare/3 built-in predicate: returns 0 if the arguments are identical, a negative number if pw1 is smaller than pw2, and a positive number if pw1 is greater than pw2 in the standard term ordering.
int EC_word::schedule_suspensions(int)

Similar to the schedule_suspensions/2 built-in predicate. Waking will only happen once control is returned to ECLiPSe and the wake/0 predicate is invoked. Return code is EC_succeed or an error code.
pword EC_word::free_handle(const t_ext_type*)

checks whether the EC_word is an ECLiPSe external data handle of the expected type, and calls its free-method. After doing that, the handle is stale and cannot be used any longer. Calling this method on an already stale handle silently succeeds. Return code is EC_succeed or an error code.

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