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9.1  ECLiPSe primitives to read/write EXDR terms

The ECLiPSe predicates to create and interpret EXDR-representation read from and write directly to ECLiPSe streams. This means that EXDR-format can be used readily to communicate via files, pipes, sockets, queues etc.

write_exdr(+Stream, +Term)

This predicate writes terms in exdr format. The type of the generated EXDR-term is the type resulting from the "natural" mapping of the Eclipse terms. Atoms are written as structures of arity 0 (not as strings). Note that all information about variable sharing, variable names and variable attributes is lost in the EXDR representation.
read_exdr(+Stream, -Term)

This predicate reads exdr format and constructs a corresponding Eclipse term.

Please refer to chapter 5 for the Tcl primitives, and to chapter 8 for the Java primitives for manipulating EXDR terms.

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