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Bug tracking for bugs occurring within ECLiPSe


  Default Assignee
Compiler Joachim Schimpf
The compiler generating abstract machine code from ECLiPSe source
Constraint Libraries Kish Shen
ECLiPSe constraint libraries such as ic,fd, eplex, etc.
Development Environment Kish Shen
ECLiPSe development tools such as TkECLiPSe, the debugger, etc.
Distribution Infrastructure and Testing Joachim Schimpf
Install, build, package, distribute and testing infrastructure.
Documentation Kish Shen
Incorrect / inconsistent, weak or missing ECLiPSe platform and library documentation.
Embedding & Interfacing Kish Shen
Foreign language interfacing and embedding of ECLiPSe.
Kernel and Built-in Predicates Joachim Schimpf
Unexpected behaviour in the core ECLiPSe platform and built in predicates.
Other Libraries Joachim Schimpf
Non-constraint ECLiPSe libraries.