Re: [eclipse-clp-users] [SWI-Prolog/swipl-devel] user-data-type-attvars (#189)

From: Douglas Miles <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2017 01:05:08 -0800
I' just start the email over sorry so sorry

(i had to clear up between my_string_words and pretend_value .. and they
were meant to be the same attribute)


I would like believe that I can use attvars/metaterms to proxy for complex

Lets pretend I created a fake string datatype that holds sentences using
entire words like [hello,world]  .. I'll print this as "hello world"
Let add that this datatype can also hold unbound word element to  like

I'll store these physically in an attribute called  my_string_words

so far so good?

V1 =  my_string_words([hello,beautiful,world])   + had an attribute  foo
V2 = another my_string_words([hello,_])   + had an attribute  foo(inst2))

It would possible (if i so wanted)

To unify V1=V2

I get a wakeup to decide the my_string_words were a okay to unify

And have the outcome be be that if i checked the values.. I will been
allowed to modify  my
my_string_words of V2 to now be [hello,world]  ?   I am guessing the answer
is still yes

Here is the question:

   Could V1 and V2 still be different variables?
  could possibly still find different 'foo' attributes  V1 and V2

Thank you in advance,
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