[eclipse-clp-users] Question on EclipseCLP and viability for job-shop scheduling

From: Chandrakanth R. Terupally <cK_at_...387...>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 23:42:07 +0530
I'm trying to investigate if Eclipse CLP software would be viable to solve
many large CLP problems my client has. Currently an alternative approach is
being used, but its ridden with issues on multiple fronts. My question
specifically is (1) how capable is Eclipse CLP for crunching large datasets
(with schedule tasks in the tune of 0.5M-5M) (2) how easy is programming it
to read input data from text data files. The second question is as
important as the first one as the constraints are made available by means
of text files. Also, do you know if its possible or if anyone has tried
accessing the kernel of the software for its algorithms from another
software, say e.g. Matlab, java, etc?

Please excuse me if my question(s) sound stupid, but I just came across
this tool and I know nothing about it.

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