Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Trying to run MIP using eplex.

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 17:18:47 +0100

 > Is the result in my first program run (i.e., eplex_9.ecl, at the top 
 > of this email) the correct behavior or did I do something wrong?

The behaviour is expected.

On 10/10/2013 16:04, Paul Cannongeyser wrote:

> Results:
> ?- mip_example(X, Y, Cost).
> X = X{-1.7976931348623157e+308 .. 1.7976931348623157e+308 _at_ 2.0}
> Y = Y{-1.7976931348623157e+308 .. 1.7976931348623157e+308 _at_ 2.0}
> Cost = 2.0
> Yes (0.00s cpu)

eplex_solve/1 does not instantiate the problem variables -- this is so 
that you can modify and solve the problem again with the same variables.
Instead, the solution value of each variable is stored with the variable 
without instantiating it (the 2.0 in _at_2.0 above).

> No integer variables - nothing to do (in orange letters)

This is a warning from the external MIP solver, in this case it simply 
means that the solver did not need to do a MIP search, presumably 
because it was able to solve the problem in its 'presolve' stage.


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