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From: Travis Johnson <travis.johnson_at_...363...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 16:49:31 +0000
?- lib(dbi).
Yes (0.00s cpu) loaded in 0.00 seconds    loaded in 0.00 seconds

That does appear to have resolved the problem, thank you! 

I chose to start with the 32-bit version, because I've found troubles in environments in which the 64bit and 32bit versions don't have equal support.  For example, a server may have 64, but a dll/library I need doesn't yet support 64bit fully, while a third library may require 32bit only.  Basically, I wanted to start with the fewest number of variables to establish a working environment to start from.

Thanks for your assistance!


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Hi Travis,

On 22/06/2013 22:08, Travis Johnson wrote:
> In following along with the embedding tutorial for getting using MySQL with ECLiPSe...
> I execute the following statement to test the libraries...
> lib(dbi).
> The result of which is...
> system interface error: The specified module could not be found.
> in load("i386_nt/dbi_mysql.dll")
> *** compilation aborted in the file //C/Program Files (x86)/ECLiPSe 
> 6.1/lib/
>  loaded in 0.00 seconds
> I verified that the dbi_mysql.dll is in fact in the lib/i386_nt folder.  I also placed the libmysql.dll file from my MySQL installation in the same folder (as indicated in the documents, "a place where it can be accessed, such as lib/<arch>".

The problem is that Windows was unable to find libmysql.dll, which is needed by dbi_mysql.dll. Unfortunately, for Windows, placing libmysql.dll in lib/i386_nt (where dbi_mysql.dll should be) did not work, because Windows dll files do not look for dependent dll files in the same directory. Instead you should put it in lib.

I actually noticed this problem a few days ago when I added lib(dbi) support for 64 bit Windows and ran into the same problem as you. From 6.1#161, lib(dbi) for 32 and 64 bit Windows will work with libmysql.dll in lib/<ARCH>.

[From your path, you seem to be running the 32 bit Windows version of ECLiPSe on a 64 bit Window system. Is this because you wanted to run lib(dbi)? This is now supported on the 64 bit Windows version of ECLiPSe]



> Does anyone have any ideas that may help me move forward?
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