Re: [eclipse-clp-users] eclipse & golog - is it possible to remove the do builtin?

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 20:25:55 +0100

The do loops in ECLiPSe has an arity of 2, i.e. it is defined by the 
predicate do/2, so this should not interfere with a do/3 predicate. Are 
you seeing any warning or error messages?

However, I assume these Golog interpreters are not written specifically 
for ECLiPSe, so there may be other incompatibilities. One way to reduce
the incompatibilities is to be use one of the compatibility modules, 
where you can define a module to use a particular "language", e.g. ISO 
Prolog. You can do this with:

:- module(myisomodule, [], iso).

at the start of your program (if your program uses modules, you will 
need to replace the module declaration).

The ECLiPSe built-ins are defined in the eclipse language module, which 
is loaded by default, and you can override these definitions with a 
local/1 declaration, e.g. to not use ECLiPSe's do/2:

:- local (do)/2.

You can now define your own do/2 in your program.



On 13/04/2013 16:22, mescalinum@...6... wrote:
> I'm trying several Golog interpreters.
> All those interpreters extensively use the do/3 predicate for finding solutions.
> The eclipse iterator constructs use do as well, and this is interfering with the Golog interpreter.
> Is it possible to disable/not load the built in do predicate? (I'd want to avoid renaming do to something else)
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