[eclipse-clp-users] ECLiPSe install on OS X 10.8

From: David Dreisigmeyer <dwdreisigmeyer_at_...6...>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 11:08:09 -0400
Hi everyone,

I'm trying again to get ECLiPSe 6.1 installed on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
 For tcl (8.5.8 preinstalled) I simlink
(into ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/) as follows:

$ ln -s ./wish8.5 ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/bin/
$ ln -s ./tclsh8.5 ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/bin/
$ ln -s tk* ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/include/
$ ln -s tcl* ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/include/
$ ln -s ./libtk.dylib ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/lib/
$ ln -s ./libtcl.dylib ~/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/tcl8.5/lib/

So now I have:

$ ls bin/
tclsh8.5 wish8.5
$ ls include/
tcl.h             tclDecls.h        tclPlatDecls.h    tclTomMath.h
 tclTomMathDecls.h tk.h              tkDecls.h         tkIntXlibDecls.h
 tkMacOSX.h        tkPlatDecls.h
$ ls lib/
libtcl.dylib libtk.dylib

When I try to run ./configure I get the following:

configure: WARNING: Could not find usable Tcl (8.5 8.4 8.3) in
/Users/dwdreisigmeyer/Downloads/Eclipse_6.1_125/thirdparty/ or elsewhere

For gmp I do something similar and get this:

configure: WARNING: Could not find Gmp (4.2 4.1) in
checking for __gmpz_import in -lgmp... yes

So is the gmp that comes with 10.8 being detected/used?

The binary download from SourceForge for 6.0#183 seemd to work on 10.8.
 Does anyone have instructions for how that was created so I can try to
replicate it on 10.8?



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