[eclipse-clp-users] error

From: Anshu Shankar Prasad <anshu.sprasad.che10_at_...339...>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 13:27:16 +0530
while compiling the below program I get an error like this
 instantiation fault in +(_593, 1, _597)
what is this mean and what should I do to remove this.Help me asap..
here is my program
 dim(X, [N]),
 X[1..N] :: 1..49,
 %Z :: 1..49,
   for(I,1,N),param(X,N) do
     for(J,I,N),param(X,I) do
       for(K,J+1,N),param(X,J) do


X =.. [_|Vars],
one more I query i have tha If a optimization problem has more than one
solution how could I get all of its solution. Till now for getting multiple
 solution of  a COP I am doing that by converting the problem it into a
CSP.please tell me the other way to doing this.Expalin with example.
So please tell me if there is  an nother method
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