[eclipse-clp-users] Call for doctoral candidates at IN3/UOC-Barcelona [deadline Feb. the 5th]

From: Daniel Riera <daniel.riera_at_...6...>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 20:12:31 +0100
Dear colleagues,

A call for doctoral candidates is now open at the
-Open University of


The IN3 offers 10 competitive grants. Young researchers interested in
fields related to combinatorial optimisation, simulation, constraint
programming, etc. are welcome to apply. Their work place will be the MediaTIC
building <http://www.22barcelona.com/content/view/41/427/lang,en/> in
Barcelona city centre.
Furthermore, there are 10 competitive positions to enrol the doctorate in
an on-line mode (with no grant and no need to come to Barcelona except for
the viva).

These are our research lines (but candidates can check for others in
the web<http://in3.uoc.edu/opencms_portalin3/opencms/en/doctorat/convocatoria_acces/oferta_places/tecnologies_informacio/index.html>

*Automated tools for Software Engineering*

 Nowadays software is a core asset in companies and administrations of any
size. The existence of software bugs can cause accidents and important
economic losses. This is why the discipline of software engineering
attempts to improve automation in the software developing process. This
research line is oriented towards investigating automated tools that help
the quality of the final software product through the use of techniques
from modelling, algorithmics and artificial intelligence.

*Hybrid Algorithms for Solving Real-Life Routing, Scheduling and
Reliability/Availability Problems*

One of the emergent research areas in computer Science is the development
of new hybrid algorithms and software applications aimed at solving complex
real-life challenges such as those associated with routing, scheduling or
reliability/avalilability problems. most of these problems are considered
to be NP-hard, which means that an efficient approach can be built only by
combining techniques from different areas such as Computer Science and
operations Research (e.g. computer simulation, heuristics, constraint
programming, parallel programming, etc.). At the same time, these problems
represent important challenges for strategic sectors in any developed
country such as industry and services, which explains the relevance of the
proposed topics to current international research.

Please, inform those who you could think might be interested. The deadline
is February,the 5th.

Thank you very much,
Daniel Riera Terrén
 PhD Engineer
Estudis d'Informātica, Multimčdia i Telecomunicaciķ [Director del programa
d'Enginyeria Informātica]
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
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