Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Java-embedding problem with v6.1 (dev build 85) on Win7 64

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 05:42:55 +0100
Hi David,

On 22/09/2011 01:53, -dp- wrote:
> I'm fairly sure the reason for this is that eclipse.exe is an app requiring
> Admin privileges to execute (since it's in Program Files on Windows7) and my
> Java app doesn't have my full Admin privileges when it invokes the
> CreateProcess API of Windows. (I guess TkEclipse doesn't face this problem
> because it's under the same app folder in Program Files.)

I don't know much about Windows permissions, as fortunately I don't need 
to develop on Windows, but needing admin privileges to run programs in 
Program Files seem strange to me. Also, I don't understand why you did 
not have the same problem with the 32 bit ECLiPSe...which is also 
installed to Program Files (which Windows silently maps to "Programs 
Files (x86)" -- but I assume the same restrictions will apply?)

In any case, if the solution is to install ECLiPSe somewhere else, you 
can use the tarballs. You can then set the registry entries manually, or 
run the ecl_inst.js or ecl_inst.tcl script to do this for you (you might 
need to make sure you are running the 64 bit version of javascript or 
Tcl to be sure the script sets the right set of registry entry).



> Possible fixes might include turning off User Account Control in the Win7
> control panel, or giving my Java app Admin execution rights, but these both
> seem overly permissive security-wise. And any CLP user in a similar
> situation would have to do the same.
> Two things the dev team might want to consider are:
> a) Detect the OS during install, and if it's Vista or later, provide a
> suggestion in UI that if the user plans to embed CLP while using UAC, then
> check this box to install in a location outside of Program Files.
> b) Popup a UAC prompt during runtime, perhaps using the techniques described
> here:
> (btw,
> the wikipedia page on UAC also describes a technique, but the just-linked
> page suggests that technique isn't secure.)
> I'm not sure what I'm going to do short-term. I guess I'll try to give my
> app or the IDE admin execution privilege.
> David
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