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From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 05:21:19 +0100
Hi Kars,

On 11/09/2011 03:50, R. Kars Brouwer wrote:
 > I like the learning of ECLIPSE but wonder if it is good for real world
 > problems.
 > The examples that I have seen to date have all been toy examples
 > including a lot of solutions to puzzles. Is anybody aware of any
 > applications to the solution of real problems that exist in industry. 
 > For example real scheduling applications with a lot more constraints
 > than the toy examples have

The examples given in are 
meant to illustrate how ECLiPSe could be used, and not of "real" 
applications -- such programs are too large to be used as illustration, 
and if the program was developed commercially, it will most likely not 
be available publicly. However, some of the examples in the "Planning
and Scheduling" section are at least simplified examples of what you 
might do in a real application.

There is some information about using ECLiPSe for applications in, under the Applications section. 
Also, Helmut Simonis' Constraint Applications Blog also describe several 
applications that used ECLiPSe. Note that these do not cover all the 
applications developed using ECLiPSe, as many commercial developments 
are kept confidential.

We also would not know about people using ECLiPSe for application 
developments unless we are told about it -- we strongly encourage people 
to tell us about it, so that we can add them to our list.

> Also all examples have the data stored in the eclipse  knowledge base. There
> are no examples of the use of gui for input and output of data that I can
> find.

GUIs for ECLiPSe programs are written in another language (e.g. Java or 
Tcl/Tk) and interfaced to ECLiPSe using ECLiPSe high-level language 
interface. We have not shown many examples of this, as they are not 
really part of ECLiPSe. Also, input in particular may not be done using 
a GUI -- many application will use data that comes from other sources.

The TkECLiPSe development environment distributed with ECLiPSe is not a 
GUI for an application, but a GUI for ECLiPSe itself, and it is probably 
the most available example of using an external language (Tcl/Tk in this 
case) to provide a GUI for an ECLiPSe program. Equivalently, the same 
interface and tool sets are provided in Saros, a plug in for an ECLiPSe 
IDE in the Eclipse (the IDE platform --, not ECLiPSe) 



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