Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Problem regarding Stack size Overflow !

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:10:57 +0100
Hi Naman,

You did not give which OS and version of ECLiPSe you are running, so it 
is difficult to be specific.

There are several considerations when you are using a 64 bit processor, 
because for the processors that we are currently supporting, the 64 bit 
processor is compatible with the 32 bit version of the processor family 
(x86, Power PC, Sparc). What this means is that you can run the 32 bit 
version of the OS on the 64 bit processor, and on the 64 bit version of 
the OS, you can run the 32 bit version of ECLiPSe.

For ECLiPSe 6.0 (the current version of ECLiPSe), 64 bit binary versions 
are available for Linux (running on x86_64), Mac OS X (running on 
x86_64). In ECLiPSe 6.1 (the development version of ECLiPSe), there is 
additionally the 64 bit Windows version (running on x86_64).

The error you are getting would suggest you are running a 32 bit version 
of ECLiPSe, but it is not clear if you are running a 32 bit OS. Is this 
the case? For 32 bit, 4G is the absolute limit, but the OS will often 
reserve some of the space for its own use.  To get memory allocation 
beyond the 32 bit limit, you need to run the 64 bit version of ECLiPSe 
on a 64 bit OS (which of course requires a 64 bit processor).

Note that the 64 bit version of ECLiPSe is in general going to use more 
memory than the 32 bit version, as data are represented in 64 rather 
than 64 bit (the only exception are real numbers), and as an 
approximation, you should expect the same problem to use close to twice 
as much memory to run.

As for your specific problem, it seems a little surprising that you are 
running out of stack space with the default size (I assume global stack) 
with a 3000x3000 array. What are the array items?



On 22/06/2011 10:33, Naman Agarwal wrote:
> Hi,
> So I am running this program which inputs a ~ 3000x3000 array into memory
> from a file.
> I have a machine that gives me a RAM size of ~ 20 GB.
> Initial runs of the program gave me a stack size error, so I increased stack
> size using the -g option
> I could increase it till around 1.2 GB but after that with 1.3 GB it gave me
> the following error
> "Cannot reserve stack space in allocate_stack_pairs()"
> So is a memory limit to which Eclipse can work with or is it a probelm with
> my machine that it is not being able to allocate this space.
> Also the machine that I am running has a 64bit architecture. (Not sure
> whehter this information makes any difference)
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