Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Strange Behaviour / Bug in eclipse

From: Joachim Schimpf <joachim.schimpf_at_...269...>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 11:58:50 +1000
Hendrik Skubch wrote:
> Hi all!
> I ran across a segmentation fault in eclipse when trying to store an
> atom passed through the C embedding interface in a named store.

I haven't tried to ruin it, but from inspection I think the mistake is here

>	pword goal = ec_term(ec_did("test",1),ec_term(ec_did("dummy",0)));

ec_term() is only for constructing compound terms, but you are trying to
construct an atom.  That should be written as

	pword goal = ec_term(ec_did("test",1),ec_atom(ec_did("dummy",0)));

Not sure why you don't get an error message, I'll check that.

-- Joachim
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