[eclipse-clp-users] New ECLiPSe publications

From: Joachim Schimpf <joachim.schimpf_at_...269...>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 18:41:31 +1100
I am pleased to announce the availability of two new publications about ECLiPSe.

The text book "A Quick and Gentle Guide to Constraint Logic Programming via ECLiPSe"
is now available in English, and, even better, its PDF version can be downloaded for
free from http://www.anclp.pl - many thanks to the author Prof Antoni NiederliƄski
for creating this beautiful book and for making it freely available!

The other text is a forthcoming technical article titled "ECLiPSe - from LP to CLP"
by J. Schimpf and K. Shen, to appear in the Journal of Theory and Practice of Logic
Programming.  A preprint is available at http://arxiv.org/abs/1012.4240

Best wishes for the New Year!

-- Joachim
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