[eclipse-clp-users] EmbeddedEclipse produces a Throw

From: Philipp Marcus <marcus_at_...247...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 13:25:10 +0200

I've written a plugin for an application. My plugin calles an instance 
of EmbeddedEclipse by

    EclipseEngine eclipse;
    eclipse = EmbeddedEclipse.getInstance();
    result = eclipse.rpc(goal);

EmbeddedEclipse is set up before by:

             // Create some default Eclipse options
             EclipseEngineOptions eclipseEngineOptions = new 

             // Connect the Eclipse's standard streams to the JVM's

             final EmbeddedEclipse eclipse = EmbeddedEclipse

I've developed the plugin using the Eclipse IDE and  created a run and 
debug-configuration thats starts the application with my plugin. No 
errors and the correct result. When I export my plugin from Eclipse IDE 
to a jar file and start the application with my plugin directly (ie.e 
without a run configuration from Eclipse IDE) the processing of the call:

    result = eclipse.rpc(goal);

produces a "Throw". "goal" is a CompoundTerm, all libs are loaded 
correctly before by eclipse.compile(...) which also produces no error in 
the direct-call-approach. The only thing that makes problems is 

How could I get further details about the Throw because its message is 
null in Java and it didn't print to stderr either. I would be really 
happy if anybody could give me a hint about it.

Thanks and best regards,
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