[eclipse-clp-users] module visibility

From: Aya Saad <ayas_at_...261...>
Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 20:07:13 +0300
I have defined a new module and called it "test"
the following is the code in the test.ecl

:- module(test).
:- export op(650,xfx,'mytestop').

X mytestop Y :- writeln("test module visibility").

now when I try to type in the Query Entry of the Toplevel ECLiPse 6.0 the
X mytestop Y
by keeping the top level eclipse module
ECLiPse cannot recognize the operator; yet it is compiled and operator was
exported in test
The time I change the module selection to test, it recognizes the operator.
Attached are the screenshots for the different scenarios

The point is I need to further include this module into another file and
call the operator
using the

:- use_module(test).
mynewgoal :-  X mytestop Y.

then simply write in the query entry

The same scenario happens, I have to choose module "test" before the run
even more the file containing the operator call cannot be compiled unless I
choose the module test first

What if I have multiple modules which I need to use?
How can I make them all visible from the top level?

kindly advise

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