[eclipse-clp-users] Excecute a Query from External Program

From: Igor Kondrasovas <igor_at_...186...>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 20:11:54 -0300
Hello all,


Sorry for the newbie question, but I couldn't find anything related in the


Suppose I have my code properly compiled on Eclipse and then I want to
perform a query on it from an external program.


I will create an user interface for the project I'm working on using the
.NET platform. This application will have to perform a query on my compiled
code (passing parameters from the user interface). As a result, the
application will show data from the query result.


I was thinking about interfacing with Eclipse through a .NET "wrapping
class" using the existing .DLL (described in Embedding and Interfacing
Manual), then I thought this could not be very quick. In addition, I just
have to query against a code that is already compiled.


Maybe using eclipse through command-line would be an option. what do you
think? Is there any sample I could use as a reference?


Thanks in advance,



Igor Kondrasovas

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