[eclipse-clp-users] java-eclipse problem

From: carole dawood <carole.dawood_at_...6...>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 19:24:26 +0200
i just wanted to inform you that i changed the rpc call by first
constructing a compound term then sending it and this avoids the error i
used to get -> this
problem is solved now. the current problem  is with the output however i
made like an example in the documentation like this:

 CompoundTerm firstArgument=(CompoundTerm)result.arg(2);

Object firstArgumentObj= firstArgument.arg(1);


i face 2 problems , first that the object is this :

firstArgumentObjcom.parctechnologies.eclipse.Atom with [functor=output]

second is the numbering of the arguments, i got an error saying arguments
are between 1 and 2 however my predicate is
solve(InputList,Output1,Output2,Output3) so my arguments should be arg(2) ,
arg(3) and arg(4) am i right or there is something that i miss??

Thank you really very much

Carole Dawood

Computer Science and Engineering

German University in Cairo
Received on Tue Apr 20 2010 - 17:24:35 CEST

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