[eclipse-clp-users] user defined constraints using propia

From: Oliver Shycle <oliver.shycle_at_...1...>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 10:39:45 +0200
Hi all,

After studying the Constraint Library Manual I thought that using propia
enables me to turn every prolog goal into a constraint. Using such a
constraint works in general. However it unfortunately doesn't work in
combination with constraint expression connectives like "=>" or "neg".
The use of "neg (my_constraint(X) infers most)" where X is a variable to be
labeled later gives me the following error:
instantiation fault in infers(my_constraint(_518{1 .. 6}), most, _5589{[0,

Why do I get this error?
And what is the third variable "_5589{[0, 1]" of the infers predicate that
is shown in this error message?

Many thanks for your advice.
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