[eclipse-clp-users] Job opening for ECLiPSe expert in Singapore on cognitive modeling project

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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 13:30:44 +0800
[I hope this message fits the netiquette of this list; I checked the terms
on the website, and since this job opening is centrally concerned with
ECLiPSe, I believe it's appropriate.]

Here's a description of the opening:

Experiments in social psychology have shown that people spontaneously
attribute intentions, beliefs, emotions, and other mental states to
simply-animated, moving figures. Although there is research on what factors
affect people's tendency to make such attributions, there has been little
work on developing a process model.

Although our initial aim is to develop a process-oriented account, we
believe that a computational model of such attributions could have a variety
of practical applications such as monitoring systems for assisted living and
for security.

Our approach involves creating a knowledge base that links movement patterns
to mental states that typically motivate them. An important aspect of the
movement pattern knowledge is a variety of geometric spatial constraints,
which need to be formulated in a logic-based constraint framework such as
ECLiPSe (http://eclipse-clp.org/). We are looking for a recent PhD (or
highly motivated science graduate) who has experience with constraint
propagation techniques and an interest in cognitive or perceptual modelling.
Hands-on experience with ECLiPSe is strongly preferred.

To apply, follow this link:

Kind regards,
David Pautler

Principal Investigator
Programme in Computational Cognition for Social Systems
Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR Singapore
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